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Unpack It with Nancy

Introducing "Unpack It with Nancy," a weekly column with Nancy Mendelson, where YOU get to ask the questions.  Think of Nancy as your virtual mentor, bestie, or confidant. 


Most people *think* they are good at listening, Nancy actually is.  She asks insightful questions and has the wisdom to hear you, even if you can’t articulate your thoughts, feelings, or concerns.  Nancy can help you separate your emotions from the actual issue at hand, and then offer you a menu of ideas and approaches to help solve your problem. 


How?  She’s been through it all herself.

She’s done the slick media jobs, the entrepreneurial hustle, the staid corporate roles.  

She’s had big success, she’s also bombed spectacularly.  

She's worked for men, she’s worked for women. 

She’s been the boss, she’s felt ignored to the point of feeling invisible. 

She’s been an advisor to CEOs and celebrities, she’s helped students through exams. 

She’s been married, she's been divorced, she’s even been single with cats!


If it can happen in an office, or in life, it probably has to Nancy and she’s learned from it.


Why struggle by yourself, when you can benefit from her years of experience and therapy? 

Email Nancy your problems here, everything will be kept 100 percent anonymous and you will just be identified by your city.