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Women in Hospitality


hertelier is an online media platform that enlightens and inspires women in hospitality to pursue, navigate, and nurture their careers at every stage, through sharing information and sparking conversation.


Our content is curated through the lens of supporting women in their hotel industry careers-sharing valuable lessons from accomplished pros and rising stars, covering business skills, work/life balance, industry news, and networking opportunities-presented in a fresh voice, with bold graphics and social media integration.  We hope hertelier offers you content that you are excited to follow!


As we come off of the most devastating time in the history of our industry, it may seem strange to launch a new initiative of this scope; but as you well know, despite making up more than 50% of the lodging workforce, women still remain grossly underrepresented in the top management of hotels. hertelier hopes to incite change, to inform, connect and empower women to lead…and what better time than now?


With an insatiable curiosity, love for hotels and the people that run them, hertelier is a convergence of all my passions.  I've been in the lodging industry since age 19 when I spent a ski season working in Colorado at the Sheraton Steamboat Springs with stints in jobs ranging from PBX operator and room service waiter to parking lot attendant.


After graduating from the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, I began marketing and promoting hotels, restaurants, and destinations on the agency side, before joining Loews Hotels as the Vice President of Public Relations, managing the brand's corporate comms and hotel PR for over a decade. 


When my husband's job brought our family to London, England I began writing for Questex and other publications covering travel and tourism in Europe. From my vantage point as a journalist, I noticed there was a gap in the market with no editorial site dedicated to covering women in lodging or addressing their issues, needs, concerns, and aspirations.  In my career, I've met so many brilliant, hard-working, wonderful women hoteliers and mentors, who've inspired me to create hertelier.   


Let's go on this journey together. Please contact me below or click on hertelier's social platforms to share stories, ideas, and information to help the industry recover with women leading the charge.

Emily Kanders Goldfischer Founder / Editor in Chief

Emily Kanders Goldfischer

Founder / Editor-in-Chief


Nancy Headshot Advisor

Nancy Mendelson

hertelier's best mentor, advisor, and top cheerleader--the site would not exist without Nancy!  A career communicator, Nancy has held key positions in broadcasting, online media, advertising, event, and media production, working with major corporations and global brands including CBS and Loews Hotels. Bringing a vast knowledge of hospitality and tourism, Nancy has also been an Adjunct Professor at NYU’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality.


While most people *think* they are good at listening, Nancy actually is. She asks insightful questions and has the patience to hear you, even if you can’t articulate your thoughts, feelings, or concerns.  Nancy can help you separate your emotions from the actual issue at hand, and then offer you a menu of ideas and approaches to solve your problem. So be sure to check out her weekly advice column Unpack it with Nancy. Please send her your concerns and questions here to benefit from her years of experience and therapy!


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