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5 Questions with Stacia Harvey-Randall + Johnetta Johnson About Starting Black Women of Hospitality

Black Women of Hospitality (BWoH) is a new 501(c)(3) non profit organization that focuses on women of color who are in the hospitality industry or have an interest in joining the wonderful world of hospitality! The mission is to unite, inspire and empower women of color in the hospitality industry by providing resources, support, and motivation to achieve personal and professional growth. BWoH is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion across hospitality, travel and leisure.

Stacia Harvey and Johnetta Johnson on starting Black Women of Hospitality

Black Women of Hospitality plans to carry out research, share best practices, co-create solutions, run webinars and events dedicated to ensuring women can progress their careers into senior leadership and hotel ownership! We check-in with founders Stacia Harvey-Randall and Johnetta Johnson to get the scoop.

1. What inspired you to start BWoH?

Johnetta and I met at a celebrity vision board party. We discovered that we were both in hotels. So we decided to become partners immediately. We both said we are going to do something to give back to our women but we wanted to plan it out. About 3 weeks later, Black Women of Hospitality was born!!!

2. What is your mission for the organization?

Our mission for Black Women of Hospitality is to help women of color in the hotel, restaurant, and airline industry advance to leadership positions by providing networking opportunities, educational resources, and community service engagement.

3. How do you hope that BWoH will improve the hospitality industry and the experience for women working in it?

We hope that with BWH this will inspire women that if they are not receiving recognition, career opportunities, and development at their employer then they can receive it through our organization. The women that have experience will be able to assist and be a champion for another woman. Overall, being involved in our organization will make you view your potential and be all you can be at your employer.

4. What programming do you have coming up?

The major programming we are focusing on is the 1st Annual Pineapple Awards Brunch. This will be a fundraiser that will allow companies to participate and donate to the organization to provide scholarships, and educational resources. At this event women will be recognized for their outstanding contributions to their employers and communities.

5. How can women and companies get involved?

Women can get involved by joining on our website which is and following us on Instagram and LinkedIn . Companies can get involved by contacting us directly via email at


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