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  • Emily Goldfischer

5 Things I learned by Starting a Podcast: Robin Moncrieffe

Robin Moncrieffe has worked in the hotel industry for over 30 years, when she was “made available for work in 2020” she and her former colleague Niki Wade were commiserating about the struggles of the job search daily. When they thought to ask a recruiter to join their chat, it struck them that others would benefit from hearing how to level up a job search and their ongoing conversations about hospitality. Fast forward... Don’t Look Under the Bed was born, and 50 episodes later they’ve just been recognized with the International Hospitality Institute’s “Top 30 Podcast” Award.

Robin and Nikki from Don't Look Under the Bed podcast
Robin and Niki from Don't Look Under the Bed podcast

We love a good podcast, so of course, had to get the scoop from Robin on what she’s learned over the last year and what she and Niki hope to achieve with the podcast.

  1. Everyone has a voice. With my 30+ years of experience in this industry, I have learned so much that I want to share with people…and it turns out people want to hear what Niki and I have to say! Likewise, we have learned from every guest.

  2. People want guidance they relate to and trust. Niki and I love hospitality and it is an incredible career. We want to be the resource––like a beacon of light––that we could have used as a guide earlier in our careers and lives.

  3. Exposure leads to expansion. Overwhelmed by the community and support, I’ve worked my whole career in sales, but the podcast has really opened my eyes to how hungry people are for real connection. Open yourself up to LinkedIn, podcasts, blogs, even if you only meet one new person, it will bring you value.

  4. Reflection is a gift. As we talk to more and more people in the industry, I’ve realized I wish I would have taken more chances, to relocate or work on task forces. Niki did some of that, and it is advice we give to others, to grab every opportunity. Just do it!

  5. Advocate for yourself. I spent the better part of my career just “being happy to be in the room” and didn’t make waves or ask for opportunities, especially when nobody around the table looked like me. Everyone should know, you are worthy, but you also have to ask! Nobody is laying anything out on a silver platter, speak up for yourself and create alliances that position your career for success.

don't look under the bed podcast

Robin is a real joy to chat with, it is easy to see why the “Don’t Look Under the Bed” podcast is so successful. Both she and Niki want to be visible and help others navigate through their career, “that was what was missing for us on our way up.” She left me with a final thought for all. “The podcast has forced me to up my social media game and build skills around broadcasting and writing, but also technical skills. Niki says social media is the new literacy, and I agree!”

What’s next? “We want to keep amplifying and elevating the voices of others, and offer tips on how people can better navigate their careers.”

Sounds great to us! You can listen here: Apple and Spotify.

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