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Are you Optimizing Your EX?

As the staff shortage crisis continues, there is a rising amount of companies optimizing their Employee Experience (EX). From recruitment to onboarding to engage, develop, and retain––companies are busy improving these. Is your hotel? Get EX right and the benefits are huge––attracting the best talent and retaining your great people. Forrester expects the number of companies that will have dedicated EX programs to be 65% this year.

Commercial expert Ali Powell, founder & CEO of Commacel
Ali Powell, founder & CEO of Comaccel

Both Customer Experience (CX) and EX have the company vision and values embedded throughout the touchpoints. Are all of your touchpoints relevant to the trends that have been accelerated? Do they address the customer and employee needs of today and tomorrow?

JLL recently advised, “The entire employee experience must be rethought with hotel owners and operators needing to adopt a holistic approach when recruiting, hiring, and training both lower wage and supervisory level employees. If done right, a hotel’s labor strategy can become a valuable competitive advantage”

To excel at EX teams need to be united in delivering excellence along the end-to-end journey and to know where the gaps are and fix them. For example, for recruitment, HR and Marketing need to work hand-in-hand to deliver great content that will entice people to apply as 70% of research about prospective employers is done online beforehand, according to a recent article in Forbes. Best-in-class examples of this here in the UK are The Pig hotel careers page with a video showcasing what it is like to work there and the Athenaeum culture page.

How to start:

  1. Map out your end-to-end employee journey

  2. Assess your current EX—speak to candidates, current and, if possible, former employees

  3. Look externally at the market trends and competitors – is your business still relevant in light of macro trends and consumer trends?

  4. From the gap analysis, where can improvements be made

  5. What are your key touchpoints? Do they represent your brand, its core values and differentiate you from the competition?

Let us know if you try these actions and how it goes.

Commercial expert Ali Powell is the Founder & CEO of business growth consultancy Commercial Acceleration With more than 25 years of experience working with world-leading hospitality and leisure brands, Ali is passionate about maximizing profit opportunities and helping people to rise and thrive.


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