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Funny Hotel Pet Tails Vol.1

We've rounded up funny stories of guests with pets, or in some cases pets with human servants, from the hertelier community. Do you have a story to tell? Get in touch!

New signage, because too many guests were sampling the dog treats 🤣 some even went back for seconds! 😳 #petfriendly

–– Linsey, Home2 Suites by Hilton


The best pet was the Maltese named Chanel that had to do everything with her owners including getting filet mignon plus two sides at dinner, where she had to be at the table with them in her own chair. She also joined them in a couples massage room and got her own massage!

–– Samantha, Four Seasons Hotel

pink cat

I was MOD one night at a hotel that didn't allow pets. A lady called me up to her room because she had a complaint. I get there and she says "What are you going to do about this?" and she shows me a pink cat. She says when she checked in her cat was white and now it is PINK. Well, little did she know the hotel had shampooed the maroon carpet the day before and it wasn't dried all the way. Her cat was rolling around on the carpet all night and turned pink from the dye. I politely let her know that pets were not allowed in the hotel and that I now had to charge her an extra cleaning fee.

–– Anonymous

One night, I hear a scream from the kitchen. It was busy, I figured they were just blowing off steam. Nope. A cat fell from the ceiling on the flat top. Thankfully cat and staff made it through the rush.

–– Michelle, hotel unknown

My favorite was the woman claiming she had a "service cat" that she put down and it immediately climbed her like a tree. I let it pass because it was so funny to watch.

–– Ashlyn, hotel unknown

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