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She Has a Deal (SHaD) Levels Up with CHMWarnick

You've read about the inspiring Tracy Prigmore and her innovative She Has a Deal (SHaD) real estate investment platform and pitch competition for women, well it all just got better with a new partnership with CHMWarnick. If you don't know CHMWarnick, they are the leading provider of hotel asset management and owner advisory services in the US, and now they will provide long-term guidance as an asset management advisor and “educating sponsor” for SHaD. This is exciting because they will advise on the recently launched SHaD Fund and offer women more education through the SHaD pitch competition and MasterClasses.

“This generous investment enhances the knowledge and skills of our team to be at the cutting edge of asset management,” said Tracy Prigmore, founder, SHaD. “Our investors and partners can be assured that the hotel assets that SHaD has under management will benefit from the expertise and firsthand knowledge imparted by CHMWarnick.”

Tracy Prigmore on the SHaD Tour
Tracy Prigmore on the SHaD Tour

CHMWarnick will share best practices on asset management, prepare training modules for SHaD participants, and leverage Proph+IT™, the company’s revolutionary technology platform that harnesses the power of big data from an ownership lens to optimize hospitality investments.

“SHaD has taken meaningful strides to advance the role of women and create a pathway for ownership in the hospitality industry, a category not nearly enough females currently occupy,” said Kristie Dickinson, managing director/EVP, CHMWarnick. “As a company, we recognize the hospitality industry still has a long way to go when it comes to gender diversity, equality, and inclusion. However, we are encouraged by the work being done by organizations such as SHaD and the Castell Project to challenge the status quo, elevate women to leadership roles and create investment opportunities."

Kristie continued, "By working with Tracy to develop a best-in-class asset management platform for SHaD’s hospitality investments, we can contribute directly to the success of this next generation of hotel owners while fashioning a structure of oversight and value creation that the investment community has come to expect and is synonymous with CHMWarnick.”

She Has a Deal

SHaD was founded to create new pathways to hotel ownership and development for women through education, networking, and mentorship. SHaD's signature program is an annual hotel investment pitch competition (SHaDPitch). Participants attend a multi-module education series that prepares them to lead hotel investment projects and accelerates their knowledge by walking them through the process of sourcing, evaluating, financing, and pitching a hotel investment deal. As an educating sponsor, CHMWarnick contributes content for the SHaD MasterClasses, SHaDTalks!, and ongoing programming designed to accelerate the SHaD participants’ knowledge on investing in hotel real estate.

2022 SHaD Pitch Competition SHaD 10-City Tour

The winners of the competition receive cash equity for their deals. Tickets to SHaDPitch on Thursday, April 28th & Friday, April 29th, 2022 are available here.

SHaD 10-City Tour

She Has a Deal also established SHaD Prosperity Fund I to raise equity to invest in woman-led hotel projects. There are still six dates left on the SHaD tour to learn about the SHaD Fund:

Atlanta, GA - March 24 Chicago, IL - March 30

Oakland, CA - March 31

Phoenix, AZ - April 1 Louisville, KY - April 4

Cleveland, OH - April 5

You can find out more and book spaces here.

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