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Black Women of Hospitality Announce Growth Grant

Want to level up your career? Who doesn't, right? But whether it is a resume writing course, professional image coaching, SHRM certifications, conference or workshops that contribute to career growth, these cost money!! Turns out, many Black women have been unsuccessful in getting funds from their employers. Stacia Harvey-Randall and Johnetta Johnson, founders of Black Women in Hospitality (BWoH), are aiming to change that!

"So what we do, we build awareness so everyone knows there is a need in order for women of color to advance in their careers!," Stacia tells us. "We need more Black women included in development and exposure opportunities."

Black Women Can Apply for a $300 Grant

BWH has decided to start a Growth Grant for members of the Black Women in Hospitality community to get financial assistance to so they can grow. Stacia adds, "If they are not ready position, are we truly helping them get there? Or we just tell them “it’s not in the budget” or “they are not ready.” Instead, BWoH has created a fund. Women can apply now for $300 grants to be used toward education. Act fast: deadline is March 14, 2024. A winner will be announced at the Hunter Hotel Conference in Atlanta.

Black Women of Hospitality Grant Scheme

Help Black Women of Hospitality Give More Grants

BWoH is is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, and they are on a mission to help elevate Black women! If you or your company would like to help them help others, great news...your donation is tax deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law!

"Every organization that supports what DEI means should want to partner with us and help this grant grow from $300 to at least $3,000. Why? Because if your organization cannot help them then BWH will assist them. We know it costs money to assist employees with elevating their skills and sometimes the employer can’t do it alone," Stacia explains. "BWoH is growing and I guarantee you there is a woman from every hotel brand, restaurant, or airline that finds a benefit in this organization." She adds...

"Let us stop saying:

“It’s not in the budget, instead say “Let us look at some exposure and development opportunities to continue your development so when the next opportunity comes you are ready. 

Let us stop saying:

“You not ready” without giving the why’s, what to do to get ready, and providing the employee with the resources to get ready.

Let us stop saying:

“You’re not qualified” what does that actually mean, I was told that once and look at my story!!

Let us start being the change, stop making it an obstacle and find an opportunity to keep your employee engaged, confident, and loyal!!!"

If you aren't in need of the Growth Grant but would like to donate towards the program, you can do so...

2. Through Cashapp at $blkwomenhospitality

4. Through our website


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