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Master the Art of Cold Calling: Part 2

If you missed part 1 in this series on cold calling, click here.

When cold calling, we’ve been told to memorize the script, gets the calls done as soon as possible, engage with and listen to the prospect, and be able to understand them and provide solutions. All the typical script says is your name, what you are selling, and that you would like for the prospect to buy your product or service. It doesn’t address who they are, what their current situation is, or what their ideal alternative is.

First and foremost, you have 30 seconds to “nail it or fail it”, and there are specific things you need to focus on to nail the first 30 seconds of any call. I do not claim to have discovered this, but rather stumbled upon a Youtuber, Cody Askins who explained cold calling in a way I had never seen before and changed my mindset.

5 tips for a successful first 30 seconds of a cold call:

1. Usually when calling a prospect, you are getting their information from your lead generation system. When they pick up the phone, don’t ask to speak to “John” and don’t try to verify if it’s “John” on the other end of the line - it’s more than likely it is “John”. You should start the conversation by smiling! and say, “Hello, John!” They can’t see you smiling, but they will feel your energy.

2. Don’t introduce yourself with your full name, title, and company name, but rather introduce yourself by your first name only to keep them engaged. “Hello, John. This is Alia…”

3. You proceed with “I’m getting back to you…” to make them feel like they requested your call, which is true. When you got their information from the lead generation system, they most likely filled some type of form requesting extra information on the product or the service you provide.

“Hello, John. This is Alia, I am calling you back…”

4. Ask to confirm the information you have in front of you about them, including their email address, physical address, and other info you may need to identify the right service or product that fits their need. “Hello, John. This is Alia, I am calling you back regarding your inquiry on the hotel market in South Carolina – I would like to provide you with our latest market report can you please confirm your address…”

5. Close the call by being the authority, for example: “I will be in your area on this day, do you want me to stop by in the morning or afternoon to drop off business materials?” By doing this, you can secure a face-to-face meeting which meets the ultimate goal: to turn that cold call into a warm relationship. “Hello, John. This is Alia, I am calling you back regarding your inquiry on the hotel market in South Carolina – I would like to share our latest report can you please confirm the best location to send the information? I will be in your area on X day, do you mind if I stop by in the morning to drop off our latest report and market news?”

To watch Cody Askins’s video, click this link.

Alia Bostaji​ is a Brokerage Associate in South Carolina representing owners and

Alia Bostaji, Brokerage Associate, Colliers

users in the sale and leasing of hotel and hospitality properties around the South Carolina area. Alia is a member of the Zaver Hotels Team of Colliers, spanning several offices in the southeast and covering the region east of the Mississippi River. Her team has sold a large range of hotel assets including full and select service, limited, and extended-stay products. Her background as a female business owner and supporter of business development, gives her unique insights into the needs of owners, investors and users, helping her to translate their needs into smart commercial real estate decisions. Reach Alia with any questions on cold calling or real estate


Jean Parcks
Jean Parcks
2 days ago

This insightful guide offers a refreshing look at the art of cold calling, emphasizing the critical first 30 seconds of any call. Drawing on the wisdom of seasoned professionals like Cody Askins, the author presents five practical tips to help you effectively generate leads from the get-go. I also have a good custom writer for learning


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Emmi Linderman
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