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Working Smarter: A Life-Changing Tablet for Kate Kearns, Director, Global Talent, IHG

Helping you work and live better our mission at hertelier, so when I recently had a meeting with Kate Kearns, Director, Global Talent - Operations at IHG a piece of tech she was using caught my eye. The reMarkable tablet. (Not sponsored!)

kate kearns remarkable tablet IHG

Kate went on to praise how the reMarkable tablet was a total revelation for her. It allows her to take notes––in her own handwriting––and then file or share as she needs.

Kate shared that she used to carry around an actual A4 white board to "Scribble everything down, and get my ideas out. I think of things all the time and need to write to process the information in my brain."

Science backs up Kate's method, writing helps people process, think through and remember topics much better than typing. A recent study in Frontiers in Psychology monitored brain activity in students taking notes and found that those writing by hand had higher levels of electrical activity across a wide range of interconnected brain regions responsible for movement, vision, sensory processing and memory.

With the reMarkable tablet, Kate can jot down notes anytime, and can save the information either in her own handwriting or as text, in a series of folders. She can then file the notes by topic and share with colleagues by text or email.

remarkable tablet
Kate's notes from our meeting

"I have had the reMarkable for six months and it's been a total game-changer." Kate shared. Based on her enthusiasm, some IHG colleagues have also bought the tablet and now they share tips on the best way to accessorize. LOVE IT!

Do you have a piece of tech or new method that is helping you work smarter? Share it with us! Email


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