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Just the Good Stuff for Emilie Hoyt, CEO of LATHER

Long before sustainability became an integral part of doing good business, Emilie Hoyt was on a personal mission to replace toxic ingredients and practices with “Just the Good Stuff,” as this page from LATHER’s website can attest… 


“Founded in 1999, we are proud to be a woman-owned, WBENC-certified independent health and beauty brand.  With more than twenty years of experience in the natural beauty and wellness space, we are renowned experts on the formulation and manufacturing of safe, effective products.  We never test on animals or work with manufacturers that do (we are PETA approved).  We adhere to GMP guidelines and FDA compliance, insisting on strict regulatory, stability testing and record keeping for every product.  Natural formulas, environmentally advanced packaging and partnerships with global social and environmental organizations are just a few ways in which we work to ensure a more radiant and healthy planet.” 


Plagued by debilitating migraines in her tween years, "It was a desire for good health that inspired me to explore natural ingredients to help others,” says Emilie…and the rest is Women’s History!   

Meet “clean beauty” pioneer, Emilie Hoyt, whose passion, vision and values has been enthusiastically embraced by the hotel industry since opening LATHER’s first retail space in 1999.

Emilie Hoyt LATHER

In the spirit of transparency, which is one of your brand values, Emily Goldfischer and I have been fans since our Loews Hotels days, when we partnered with LATHER over 15 years ago. Not only have you survived a recession and a global pandemic-- among other crises-- you have thrived.  What’s your secret? 

Thank you!  I don’t know if I have any secret to be honest. I think being consistent and thorough in understanding your customer and product is key––along with a lot of hard work and perseverance. 


LATHER was one of the first sustainable clean and green beauty brands to enter the hospitality market.  Is this ethos now an expectation among your hotel clients?  

Yes, it’s definitely becoming more of an expectation, which is fantastic. But we still have a way to go.   I think the focus on hospitality right now is plastic reduction, which is fantastic.  I’d love to see more focus on sustainable ingredients as well.   


How has LATHER evolved since you first started the company? And how do you continue to distinguish the brand in an increasingly crowded marketplace? 

When I first started LATHER, we had to teach customers why they should be caring about the ingredients in their beauty products.   Now, our customers are very educated.  Competing in a crowded market is hard.  One way we stand out is through our hospitality business.  Being able to touch so many bodies (literally!) every day and converting those guests into life-long LATHER fans has been a unique strategy and a cornerstone to our success.  

LATHER's  sustainable, luxury, hospitality packaging featuring 100% ocean bound plastic
LATHER's sustainable, luxury, hospitality packaging featuring 100% ocean bound plastic

What trends are you seeing in product development, as well as product usage among your retail and hospitality industry customers? 

Sustainability and plastic reduction continue to be a trend in both retail and hospitality as well as a focus on ingredients that aren’t just natural… but are natural and proven effective.    


You are the CEO and your husband, Rob, is President of LATHER.  Read that you were dating when you first came up with the concept, and he encouraged you to start your own business. Two children later… talk about sustainability!  How do you navigate working together, living together and parenting? 

It’s not always easy.  We’ve had our ups and downs, like any marriage does.   But at the end of the day, I know that we have each other’s backs.   We’re best friends and we help encourage and support each other.  And it’s so helpful to know that I have a partner who truly understands the stress that I feel.   


What have you learned about yourself since you began this entrepreneurial journey? 


I’ve learned that I am a lot stronger than I ever knew I was.   

Rob and Emilie Hoyt at the Forbes Travel Guide Summit
Rob and Emilie Hoyt at the Forbes Travel Guide Summit

Quickfire with Emilie

What is your morning routine?   

My husband brings me coffee in bed every day, which is amazing.  I think it’s the secret to our happy marriage!   It’s a lovely way to wake up.  Then I usually eat breakfast, workout, shower, and head to work. 

What do you do for self-care? 

I like to go on long walks by myself and listen to music.   It helps me clear my head.   

How do you shut off work at home when you work with your husband?  

We both love playing piano. 

What is the best advice you ever got? 

Nothing is as good or bad as it seems in the moment.  

What is the worst advice you ever took? 

You need to hire an expert.  There are definitely times when hiring an expert was the right thing to do, but more often than not, trusting my instincts and listening to my customers was a better plan.    

What inspires you? 

Being around passionate people who think differently. 

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