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Reconnecting with Your Spidey Sense

This morning I counted three, perfectly formed spider webs glistening with dew on the balcony railing outside our living room. Moments later when I took out the trash, there were three more— two between the light fixtures and the wall on either side of the front door and the third by the garbage bins. They were so beautiful and so perfect, they felt like they had been placed there as a sign or omen… of what, I didn’t know.

Why YOu Need to Reconnect with Nature

As an open-minded woman who has long believed in the significance of signs and omens in everyday life, I ran to my computer and Googled “are spider webs a good omen?” Geez, I hoped so…otherwise I could be in deep shit.

“Spider webs are a sign of good luck in many cultures,” writes Anna Scheucher on Ideapod. “ In Japan, spider webs are often placed in the home or business to bring prosperity to the household. You can also give a spider web gift to a friend or loved one as a symbol of luck and good fortune.”

Whew! I had a feeling anything as beautiful as those spider webs had to be a good thing.

“Nature is always communicating with us and often this occurs through the appearance of signs and omens. We get so lost in our chaotic and blurry thoughts of the past and future that we forget the wonders that lie with us in the present,” Mateo Sol reminds us on Lonerwwolf.

So as summer winds down, I encourage you to spend some time with nature before getting sucked back into our work-a=day world where the dollar sign looms large in our psyches.

Nancy Mendelson hertelier

Reconnecting with nature is the perfect reset to give you a fresh perspective on what’s of genuine value in your life.

“The threads of a spider’s web are intricately connected, forming a larger structure that serves as a home and a source of nourishment for the spider. Similarly, all beings are connected, forming a larger web of life that sustains us all. By recognizing this interconnectivity, we can develop a deeper sense of compassion for all living beings and a greater sense of responsibility for the well-being of the planet as a whole,” –– Symbols and Synchronicity.

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Beautiful and true

Mi piace

Nico Sheers
Nico Sheers
31 ago 2023

Another one of nature's beauties we sadly take for granted.

Mi piace
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