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New York City Women of Hospitality Celebrates Women's History Month With Tips From Zoe Pepper, Marriott Marquis

The New York City Women of Hospitality (NYCWOH) kicked off their (HER)Story Highlight Series with a sold-out crowd of women (and men!) eager to celebrate Women's History Month. The evening featured Zoe Pepper, Resident Manager at the iconic 1,971-room New York Marriott Marquis, who took the stage to share her remarkable 16-year journey and impart five key lessons learned along the way.  Here are some highlights!

zoe pepper nyc Marriott marquis

Five Awesome Tips From Zoe


  1. Use What You’re Mama Gave Ya! - Zoe's story resonated deeply with the audience as she emphasized the importance of authenticity and leveraging one's unique qualities.  

  2. Don't Let Others Get You Down Zoe recounted instances where she faced challenges and adversity, including being labeled as "cutesy."  Instead of letting such remarks deter her, she chose to use her boundless energy and can-do attitude as her superpowers – a style that was ultimately accepted by her leaders.  

  3. Come with Solutions, Don't Just Shine a Light on Problems She also reminded attendees that simply shining a flashlight on a problem is not enough, but to always come with solutions – or, in her words, “bring a shovel.”  

  4. Say "Yes" to Hard Things She encouraged everyone to “say yes” to the hard road, which can seem daunting, but is totally worth it. 

  5. Be a "Vibe Creator" Zoe coined the phrase "Vibe Creator," taking responsibility for setting the tone for her team and fostering an environment of enthusiasm and collaboration. It is the responsibility of a leader to make it fun.  


Central to Zoe's philosophy is the belief in finding balance and joy in life – reminding everyone that values are as unique as the individual they represent.  Zoe's story is a testament to the resilience and determination of women in the hospitality industry.  She reminds us that success is about remaining authentic and bringing others up along the way.


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