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Service in the Eye of the Storm

“We are here for what comes,” read the FB post from a friend and former colleague, John Price, VP of Operations for Provence Hotels in New Orleans, who took a red-eye back from a west coast vacation to ride out hurricane Ida with his team and care for their guests.

And come it did…yet another devastating blow to a city that is still recovering 16 years later from Katrina.

“Oh, Nola. In your darkest hour, your inner spirit shines” posted John on the evening of August 30th. “We have witnessed a ferocious storm and met it with compassion and kindness. We have had the blessed opportunity to help those in need and we have been rewarded with safety and shelter. We are together, and we shall come through.”

Amen to you, John, and the countless others for whom caring is clearly a calling. We will no doubt learn about the many other acts of selflessness in the days to come.

As Labor Day approaches, and the world seems besieged by one disaster after the next, let’s remember to never forget the contributions and achievements of essential workers, first responders, and all those who live and love to serve. From the frontline to back-of-house, THANK YOU for all you do in the good times, as well!

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