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Our Favorite Articles about Women in Hospitality that You Missed

When Emily Goldfischer asked me to join her on her journey to create a platform that would inspire women in hospitality to pursue, navigate and nurture their careers at every stage…it was a no-brainer.

That was two years ago, and this is my 78th UNPACK IT for hertelier! Who knew???

Nancy Mendelson hertelier

Proud and grateful are the two words that come to mind as we celebrate our second anniversary: proud, as a contributor, to be part of our over 350 interviews, stories, and articles, and grateful to you, our readers for sharing this journey with us. That so many of you take the time to let us know how meaningful our content is to you…well, if you could see me now as I write this, I am tearful and somewhat verklempt!

Em and I have learned so much over these two years, and she writes about it in Over 350 Interviews Reveal the Top 7 Leadership Skills Women Share. But there’s one recurring theme that I’m unpacking today; we never know which content is going to resonate!!

Certain that an article or topic is going to kill it when it doesn’t, we are sometimes left scratching our heads wondering whether it was the headline, the graphic, the ever-changing algorithms on social media, you were simply too busy or new to hertelier and missed it…we give this stuff a lot of thought!

Well, whatever the case may be, here are some of our favorite head-scratchers that we hope you’ll show some love for this time around:

In the F & B category…

The "Tea" on Tea: Ashley Lim, Certified Tea Sommelier | Founder & CEO, Mansa Tea To learn more about tea, we turned to Ashley Lim, Certified Tea Sommelier and the Founder & CEO of Mansa Tea. She's worked with Michelin-starred restaurants to hotels, such as the Baccarat Hotel in NYC and others, to offer tea experiences that educate and delight.

Simone Ispahani, Founder + CEO of Social Brew: Coffee with Cause We shine a light on Social Brew, a specialty coffee company that gives 50 percent of its profits to causes related to helping survivors of human trafficking.

The First Woman to Win World’s Best Pastry Chef Comes to London: Jessica Préalpato The talented Jessica Préalpato is the first woman to be named World’s Best Pastry Chef....yes, the best in the WORLD!! Her recipe for success has been a bit of serendipity mixed with complete dedication.

On the topic of health and wellbeing…

How to Sleep Better: Expert Tips from a Sleep Concierge We speak with one of the version 2.0 “Sleep Concierges” and some readers who have successfully revamped their sleep routines to help you rest better.

Heart Attacks: Not Just for Men + What You Need to Know Hertelier reader, Debra Shinn, recently survived a heart attack, and through the recounting of her experience, we hope you will take to heart the vital life-saving information she shares in herstory.

And other hot topics…

Amplifying the Voices of Women in Travel Media: Jacqui Gifford, Editor in Chief, Travel & Leisure During her tenure with T + L, Jacqui has worked to amplify the voices of women in travel. We chat with her about what she sees happening in terms of gender equality now and coming down the pike.

Stepping Into Her Purpose: Lorraine Copes Lorraine is on a mission to bring racial equity to the hospitality, food & drink sectors. In June 2020, she launched Be Inclusive Hospitality CIC a not-for-profit and social enterprise, and has just released her first impact report––the results are incredible!

How to Be Fearless: 8 Winning Strategies by Mercedes Blanco, VP of Strategic Partnerships at The Hotels Network, a respected leader in the hospitality industry, offers tips for identifying when you are behaving out of fear and how to overcome them.

Does Anyone Care About Etiquette Anymore? And as fluid as manners are, they all rest on the same fundamental principles of etiquette: consideration, respect, and honesty.

The sentimental favorite, because Em and I are ardent animal lovers…

hertelier hotel pets

Funny Hotel Pet Tails Vol.1 We rounded up funny stories of guests with pets, or in some cases pets with human servants, from the hertelier community.

Thanks for helping us spread the word, grow our community, and most of all, for making our hertelier journey all the sweeter!


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